Quinn Roessler

Hometown: St. Charles, MN

Major: Management Information System

Pledge Class: Fall 2015- The Elite Eleven

Graduating Year: Spring 20202

Email: roess037@umn.edu

I am Quinn Roessler, from St. Charles, MN a rural community near Rochester, MN. Growing up and still today, I really enjoy spending time in the kitchen making food for others. I also love to run, play basketball or participate in other physical activities. I'm always excited about new opportunities to learn at the intersection of food and technology, and discussing potential business ideas. Coming to college I knew it would be important to find a strong support network. I was lucky enough to find FarmHouse, where I knew guys would challenge me to grow in all aspects of my life. Seeing the sacrifices and responsibilities members took on was far more appealing than going through college in the most convenient way possible.