Paul Aarsvold.jpg

PJ Aarsvold

Hometown: Plainview, MN

Major: Mathematics 

Pledge Class:  Fall of 2014- The Formidable Fifteen 

Graduating Year: Spring 2019


Growing up, I was the oldest of 5 kids on a small hobby farm outside of the town of Plainview, MN. I was raised a Christian, and my faith and relationship with Jesus Christ is the single most important thing in my life. Outside of Farmhouse, I have gotten the oportunity to be involved in FFA which has helped me grow tremendously as a person. I also enjoy volunteering with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program where I meet with a 3rd grader every week to do homework and hang out. I also enjoy making videos, writing raps, and running. I joined Farmhouse because I saw it as a chance to surround myself by individuals and a community that would help me grow and would push me to be the very best at everything I strive for.