Justin Crowley

I was born in Howard Lake, Minnesota and raised around all kinds of farming operations. My parents (Clem and Deb) owned a small agribusiness selling and custom applying fertilizer, pesticides, and seed to farmers. I learned many life skills working for their business and developed a passion for teaching others. My plans to take over the business changed when my parents made the decision to sell it while I was in high school. I began searching for the right college to attend. 

It did not take long to make the decision to attend the University of Minnesota. Some great friends, members of FarmHouse, helped me make the decision and simultaneously convinced me to join the Fraternity when I arrived at college. After starting in the Agriculture, Food, and Business Management, I decided to transfer into the Agricultural Education program. My time in FFA and volunteering with youth education programs influenced me heavily. Leadership experiences during college, especially in FarmHouse, truly helped prepare me for life and jobs after school. 

After graduating, I had found that formal teaching was not for me, but I did want to be involved in education. This led me to working for FarmHouse Fraternity headquarters out of Kansas City. I created and delivered leadership development curriculum to over 30 FarmHouse chapters in North America and had the opportunity to facilitate programs with other fraternal organizations. Just over 4 years later, I moved back to Minnesota to marry my wonderful wife, Katie. She serves as an agricultural teacher at the Academy For Sciences and Agriculture. We share a passion for education and are both currently pursuing masters degrees. 

Moving back to Minnesota led to job change. I have been working for the University of Minnesota - Extension as the Wright County 4-H Program Coordinator for nearly 2 years back in my home county, Wright County. I believe deeply in providing valuable hands-on learning experiences for youth and adults alike. It is a privilege to work with hundreds of great families and members in our 4-H program. 

I continue to volunteer as a facilitator with fraternal leadership conferences and am involved in community organizations including my church. My wife and I are motivated primarily by our faith and families. We enjoy spending our free time with our families, especially our nieces and nephews. It is an honor and joy to advise as well as work with the great men of FarmHouse. I hope my life and experiences are able to serve as a positive example.