Joleen Hadrich

Associate Professor

Subject Areas

Farm Management


Production Economics


Ph.D. Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University, 2009

M.S. Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University, 2007

B.A. Management, University of Minnesota, Morris, 2004

B.A. Spanish, University of Minnesota, Morris, 2004

Areas of Interest

Dairy economics, livestock systems, producer level decision-making, agricultural finance


My research focuses on agricultural finance and production economics with an emphasis on farm-level profitability. Recent research has examined changes in wealth and income variation on U.S. dairy farms across time and applying human health concepts to dairy cows to determine the economic cost of common animal diseases at a farm-level.

Extension and Outreach

My Extension program focuses on agricultural producer-level decision making as it interacts with environmental and applied economic constraints. I have worked closely with livestock and crop producers to study the interaction between economic concepts and biological processes of the production system studied. I value working in multi-disciplinary teams and building strong working relationships between agricultural producers, academics, and industry stakeholders.

Select Publications

Hadrich, J.C. and C.A. Wolf. 2017. “Characterizing U.S. Dairy Farm Income and Wealth Distributions,” Agricultural Finance Review, 77(1):64-77.

McConnel, C.S., A.A. McNeil, J.C. Hadrich, J.E. Lombard, F.B. Garry, and J. Heller. 2017. “Dairy Cow disability weights.” Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Vol. 143:1-10.

Hadrich, J.C., and K.K. Johnson. 2015. “Estimation of risk management effects on revenue and purchased feed costs on U.S. dairy farms.” Journal of Dairy Science, Vol. 98(9):6588-6596.

Manning, D.T., and J.C. Hadrich. 2015. “An Evaluation of the Social and Private Efficiency of Adoption: Anaerobic Digesters and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation.” Journal of Environmental Management, Vol. 154:70-77